Bookings & Fees

Interested in booking a performance? Please contact us with what you’d like to do and your budget. We’ll work with you to create a successful program to fit your needs.

Our programs are eligible for some funding through BOCES.

Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller – 1.845.265.9525

Rich Bala, Folk Musician 845.227.7293

We set our fees to make performances possible for us and affordable for you.  If you want the unique songs and intriguing stories of the Hudson, please ask us. We’ll work with you and your budget to make a show possible.


Hudson River Rambler’s Performance & Workshop Fees:

Corporate and Private Events: $800. for one hour show.

School Assembly: $650. one show, $900. for two shows on the  same day

School Workshop: $125. for one, $200. for two, $300. for three, same day

Fairs & Festivals: $900. for the day. Ask about half hour show sets, & roving in period garb

Small Historic Sites, Libraries, small non-profits: $500. one show.

 Performance Requirements

~ Confirm with your contract, or ours, the date, time, and program.  We need to take payment in two separate checks, made out to us individually.

~ Clear quiet well lit performance space, with a comfortable seating area. A small stage is best, with about six feet in front open for our occasion skits.

~ We prefer to perform without a sound system.  If necessary, we will use your system, or bring ours.  Please contact Rich 845.227.7293 to discuss what is needed.


THREE PUBLICITY PHOTOS – Not Big Enough? Ask us for help.

Please Credit  – A. Dragonfly Sadler

Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller Rich Bala, Folk Musician

Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller
Rich Bala, Folk Musician

The Hudson River Ramblers – Rich Bala & Jonathan Kruk


The Hudson River Ramblers – Storyteller Jonathan Kruk, Folksinger Rich Bala




Please Credit: A. Dragonfly Sadler

The Hudson River Ramblers – Rich Bala, Folksinger, Jonathan Kruk, Storyteller